• Locating disk

Locating disk

Can be used as stop or support
Fixation with PC-bolt or connecting bolt
Continuous adjustment by turning (adjustment path A)
Low space requirements

Locating disk


1. Elevated Precision: With the Locating Disk's precise alignment, you can eliminate guesswork and achieve consistently accurate welds, ensuring your projects meet the highest standards of quality.

2. Time Savings: By speeding up setup and alignment processes, this disk reduces downtime, allowing you to take on more projects and boost your overall productivity.

3. Enhanced Safety: Weld with confidence as the Locating Disk helps maintain a stable workpiece position, reducing the risk of accidental slippage during welding operations.

4. Improved Efficiency: Experience smoother welding operations, thanks to the seamless integration of this disk into your workflow, making every project more efficient.


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