• Angle bushing 90°

Angle bushing 90°

Can be used as corner stop
Axis distance 50 mm

Angle bushing 90°


1. Top-Grade Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this angle bushing guarantees exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring it will be a valuable asset in your workshop for years to come.

2. Perfect 90° Angle: Achieve flawless right-angle joints effortlessly with the precise 90° angle of this bushing, eliminating the guesswork and potential errors during welding.

3. Enhanced Welding Accuracy: The angle bushing's secure fitment on the welding table allows for enhanced welding accuracy, preventing any slippage or movement during the welding process.

4. Easy Adjustment: The user-friendly design enables quick and hassle-free adjustments, allowing you to switch between different angles with ease, enhancing the versatility of your welding table.

5. Anti-Corrosion Coating: To withstand the harsh welding environment, our angle bushing is coated with an anti-corrosion layer, ensuring it remains in prime condition even with frequent use.



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